How Women can Detect Men that are Hiding their Real Character in a Relationship

It is a prominent phenomenon now that a lot of men are said to pretend, hiding their real character when they are in a relationship so as to make the ladies they are dating accept them as husbands upon proposal or either to obtain more trust from their partners in the case of scammers. At the end of all these where their purpose is achieved these men throw away their fake clothings and showcase their true characters which most of the times is irritable and unbearable for their partners. At this stage, a good number of the women concerned here can actually do nothing against this especially when marriage have been consummated.

This attitude is becoming more and more prominent in contemporary times and more complaints from women that have ever been received are recorded on daily basis. You hear of ladies complaining about physical and emotional abuses from their husbands who once proved to be a sweet, loving and caring boyfriend. A lot of people see this as a modern method of gender discrimination and slavery, which it is actually.

I have friends and family members who complain of this same inhumane and deceptive act on the part of men with no true conscience. This actually reveals that love was absent in the relationship no matter what these men did to show they loved. You can never pretend before someone you truly love, you will always be your true self because love does not hides from the one he loves.

The tips that will follow will surely help ladies to identify the man that is hiding something from them, I’m actually referring to the true character here.

Knowing the lion in sheep clothing early in a relationship will save you as a lady from most undesirable consequences.

1. His words are always sugar coated.

Beware, not all that glitters is gold. It is a common characteristics of love scammers to say sweet and enticing words most of the times. Even when you annoy him, he seems not to be angry. You tell him ‘sorry’ voluntarily for the wrong you did and instead of him accepting it, he says you should not worry, you did nothing wrong when you yourself know you committed an offence.

These might just be his tactics to deceive you. A true lover although will be nice to you often do get annoyed at times when you do something wrong and will never fail to point out your mistakes to you although in a polite way.

Also, a true lover rather than always saying sweet words to you will demonstrate his love for you through his actions. As it is said, ‘Action speaks louder than words.’

2. He lives a secretive life.

This is one of the main attitudes of criminals not only in the love aspect but in the general sense.

Any guy who fails to talk about his source of wealth but keeps spending on you all the times or fails to introduce you to his family members and friends after a certain stage of commitment where this introduction is necessary is a possible scammer or has a bad intention towards you.

A guy who is head over heels in love might hide things from his parents and friends but wouldn’t keep any secret from you. It is a natural thing to be open with the one you truly love.

3. Your parents and a good number of your close loved ones do not like him.

It is a common fact that elderly people can see farther than we younger persons can see. There is a popular African proverb that says, ‘What an elderly person stands on the ground and sights, a younger person even if he climbs a tree won’t see it.’ This is true indeed as elders have insight from their various experiences in life.

I have heard of a lot of ladies whose fiances where rejected by their parents and close relatives and friends on account that these men wouldn’t be good for them only for the ladies to learn this sad fact after marriage when the original character unveils.

You should learn to consider other people’s opinions especially those that contains elements of truth in them. Some people can easily detect a pretender, it is their gift so you need to pay attention to their advice on this aspect.

Remember that when you are deeply in love with a person or should I say infatuated as it is in most cases, it is your heart that speaks and no longer your mind hence your thoughts and decisions under this circumstance becomes distorted. In this situation, it is very difficult to spot if your partner is playing a hypocrite in the relationship. You will also be unable to identify and act on the major red flags that manifests in the cause of the relationship.

4. Get information from previous and current friends.

If you are opportune to come in contact with your fiance’s ex or friends, please do well to inquire about him, you can choose to ask basic questions about him but in an unsuspecting way inorder to obtain the truth. Know that you should not believe all that your partner tells you, there might be some elements of lies especially if he is a hypocrite or has a bad record.

His friends and relatives know much more about him than you, hence make good use of this information source. Note that the information you obtain here is also subject to verification before acting on them.

5. Do not neglect the power and wisdom in prayers

All of the above tips are human tips and are not 100% effective like prayer. A lot of people think they can do it all alone but I tell you it’s not possible. Whatever action you take and exclude God especially if intentionally is bound to fail.

While trying your best to find the good person for you, you can ask God to aid you know who is pretending and who has genuine interest in you. He will surely do this for you, I assure you of this.

Cultivate the habit of praying for your relationship and prospective marriage, including your partner and you.

The above measures listed are only part of the many ways ladies can employ to checkmate the frequent cases of lies and deceits they are encountering from men.

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3 Practical Ways to Stop your Partner from Cheating on you again

Your partner cheating on you can be a very painful experience especially when you are in a serious relationship. It is hard to totally bear it when you are faithful and you never want to lose your love to another person. However cheating has become more common in present times especially with the concept of modern dating which dictates you can have many partners.

Cheating are manifested in the following ways;

  • Having multiple partners after promising to be exclusive with one.
  • Having casual sex.
  • Professing to be single when you are already in a relationship.
  • In some cases, it might involve emotional attachment with another member of the opposite sex.

Most couples due to this formidable trend are ever worried of how to stop their cheating partners. Here are a few valuable tips that will help you and give you a testimony at the end of the day.

1. Strive to be better than all of those your partner is cheating with

I know all fingers are not equal and can never be equal. In this tip, I’m not saying you should engage in senseless competitions with others just to keep your partner, it implies you try to be the best you can be. You can actually make your cheating partner return fully to you if you try to make yourself sufficient in all the major needs of a relationship, especially the psychological needs.

2. Pretend to start having interest in other members of the opposite sex too

I bet you people will only love themselves to cheat, they don’t like same being done on them. If you flirt with other members of the opposite sex, your partner might likely get jealous and question why you did that, simply tell him or her, ‘ Its because you are doing same.’ Let it be known that if the cheating doesn’t stops, you won’t stop yours also. This simple step might bring everything to normal.

3. Threaten to break up if the cheating continues

If your partner really loves you, once you do this, there is likely to be a change because he or she doesn’t wants to lose you. If you see a partner that cares not about this threat, its possible no love exists for you at heart or other partners are more prioritized than you that’s why there is no fear of losing you.

Can men experience pregnancy symptoms

Surprised to hear that men also go through the symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes, I think but actually this is true.

Expectant dads do experience symptoms of pregnancy too, not only moms as most think. Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy according to statistics is found to affect about 80 to 90 percent of expectant dads. Couvade syndrome is derived from the French word couver meaning to hatch.

This condition comes with both physical and emotional symptoms, as proven by science and testified by most expectant dads. This is not a new thing at all but it became more common in the past 30 years. However it is a fact that remains unknown to some individuals.

The actual causes of this condition are strong feelings of stress and sympathy. The stress occurs from thinking about the wellbeing of their partner and the unborn baby in the womb. Financial anxieties and the thought of becoming a new dad can also constitute great stress. As these goes on, sympathy for their expectant partner is liable to add up, this bring forth these symptoms except if they are controlled in healthy ways.

One might wonder, how does this comes about? The body of the man reacts by releasing these combined hormones; cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones when combined with empathy for the pregnancy symptoms their partners are suffering evolves in this.

Typical Symptoms of Couvade Syndrome


Mood swings

Weight gain


Mild swelling

Food cravings



Treatment for Sympathetic Pregnancy

Eating adequate diets

Regular exercise

Adopting stress relief techniques before night sleep

Both partners can attempt some activities together, it reduces mental stress and anxiety.

How Addicted Sex is Destroying many Relationships and Marriages

Sex is a very recreative component of marriages and many relationships. It is a great pleasure for most people but do you know this same instrument of pleasure can actually destroy your marriage or relationship. Are you shocked to hear this?

This actually comes in two ways.

Before going further, I would love to inform you about the type of sex I am talking about. I am referring to addicted or excessive sex. This entails having sex over-frequently with your partner.

A lot of marriages and relationships cannot last as it should because the male partner always demand for sex more frequently from his wife or girlfriend. A lot of women I have come across said they had a separation with their partners because they can no longer cope with excessive sex demands. Aside this, do you know too much of sex is not good for the health, first is the stress and energy consumption, second the loss of blood.

The second reason why frequent sex could spoil your partnership is attached to the cliche ‘Familiarity brings contempt’. Whenever you let your husband or boyfriend have his way through you everytime, you diminish that sexual attraction he has for you. Soon he will grow tired of you and begin sleeping outside with other women who look new to him. Once this happens, you are losing your partner by installment, that means your relationship is dying slowly.

How can you evade this contemporary calamity?

The men should learn to control their urge some of the times, it does not necessarily mean you need to have sex each time you feel horny. On the other hand, women should not give it to their husbands and boyfriends all the time, let him value this asset of yours. He will surely value this if you do not yield to all his advances. A word of caution, do not do this regularly, that might result in more problems. This way, your husband or boyfriend will thus value you and not see you as a sexual object only but also as a companion.

So avoid too much of sex to save your marriage or relationship. Too much of everything is not good.

Contemporary Technological Inventions of 2021

There are lots of inventions over the years but the ones here are the latest that will capture your attention. These have been created by advanced scientists and technologists who aim to solve the problems of humanity. In this post, you will learn about the features and functions of these modern technological inventions.

1. Copy & Paste

This is a smart scanning and printing tool aimed to aid you in the performance of your business with great confidence. This tool works by transferring the images and texts from one source to another in a fast manner. Another use is printing whatever you have to print directly into your notebook, no need for an additional paper.

2. FLYTE Levitating Light Bulb

This bulb hovers by magnetic levitation and it takes air to power it. Designed in Sweden, it is has a very notable feature which is its build quality. Oak, ash and walnut are the substances it is made of. This bulb makes use of highly efficient LEDS which is rated around 50,000 hours. This is equivalent to 12 hours of usage a day for 11 years.

3. SkinCeuticals Unique Skin Care

Are you a fashionist or one who loves looking attractive? Then is for you. Before you think of using this product, first visit a SkinCeutical expert dermatologist to identify your skin concerns such as aging, discolored, oily or dry. This will then create a custom skin formula for you.

2,000 algorithms are being used here for the processing of personal data before the design of a fully personalized formula is made. Ingredients include retinol, glycolic acid and niacinamide among others.

4. Valve Index

Here is a new development for players who love VR gaming. It is intact the best VR experience you can probably get currently. The tool here requires a room setup with cables, that is a little challenge for some people. Another factor which gonna make not considered is its price, it is valued at $999.

The Valve Index has dual 1440×1600 LCDs with up to 144Hz frame rate, stereo 960×960 global-shutter cameras and a dual-microphone array.

5. Starkey Livio AI- Advanced Hearing Aid

This is a super unique hearing aid. It connects via Bluetooth to accessories and some set of smartphones. This hearing aid sport compact design and fit into the ears comfortably.

Sound quality is being delivered by this hearing aid by getting background noise suppressed. A long battery life is assured also here.

Beautiful Niger Delta Girl Killed by her Soldier Boyfriend in her Apartment

So sad. A beautiful Nigerian girl from Niger Delta has been killed by her military lover. The decomposing body of Jennifer Ugadu, a Niger Delta University Student was found in her apartment. It was alleged that she was killed by her boyfriend, a Nigerian Army personnel on the grounds of cheating.

Before her death, Jennifer was a model and a 200L student of the Faculty of Education. Jay Matol, as he is named on facebook was believed to have stabbed her and also shot her with a gun. Multiple stab injuries and gunshot injuries were found on her body. Her thumb was almost cut off, it is believed this was a sign of struggle with her boyfriend.

The murderer after killing her was said to have called her mother and aunty, he threatened to kill himself also. Ooh, what a loss. This is a great lesson to ladies, ‘Know the person you date, your man can either be the source of your joy or the cause of your death. It all depends on the type of person you date. It is adviceable to leave the relationship once you start sensing red flags such as jealousy and threats from your partner’.

Glamorous Ankara Trouser styles for Fashionistas

A lot of pretty styles of dresses for both casual and corporate occasions exist with the favorite ankara material. Below are some of the most lovely trouser styles that will make you look gorgeous and smart for your daily activities.

Why not try them out and see how it fits you.

Why Multi-dating can be considered as the best option before being Exclusive with your Partner

Being exclusive with a person means having no other love partner apart from that person. This case is quite opposed by some relationship enthusiasts but I have a different opinion here. The fact that you are seeing the man or the woman of your dreams does not necessarily means you should stop associating with others. No, it is wrong and will leave you with little or no experience about what the school of love is really about. This lesson is greatly needed in the future and also in marriage. I would like to awaken your mindset to the dangers of not being intimate, not implying of an affair here, with members of the opposite sex but rather choosing to stick to one person.

Although it is wise to cut a lots of ties with some individuals when you are in a serious relationship with someone and about getting married. The essence of this tip is for those who are dating and not yet sure of their future life partner. Multi-dating will surely help in many ways, it is now left on you to decide if you will keep it confidential from your other partners or just be honest with them and tell them. I would prefer you to be honest with them and tell them the truth of the matter, that you are not yet prepared to be committed to anyone until you have found the right person for you. This will prevent you from breaking someone’s heart who thought you were being exclusive.

1. Leverage playing ground

A lot of partners who are so faithful resolve never to keep any other individual apart from their current lovers, this is good to a certain point but there are cases this would not really work. In the case where you are committed to your partner alone and he is not feeling the same way towards you, you are heading for a huge disappointment, so seeing others too alongside him or her will balance everything and there will be no room for disappointment at the end of discovering this. Know that this should not be done out of a jealous mindset but with the pure aim of satisfying your own needs as a free individual. This way you get to make new connections and socialise well with a lot of people.

2. You become more experienced

Anyone who has the opportunity to meet and interact with more people has more knowledge and experience about a particular subject matter than one who chooses to be reserved. The same occurs in the dating field, any individual who dates a whole lot of people will learn a whole lot from these people and is in a better position to choose the right person for his life at last than someone who has been with one person or a few individuals all his life.

Relationships is a serious matter that needs a whole lot of experience. How will you feel getting married to the wrong person that will fill your life with so much unhappiness and regrets simply because you decided to stick to just that one person and never really desired to see the lifestyles of other people and choose the one that suits you best. Take time to enjoy your life, it is not quite fine to be exclusive at a stage when you are too young or have no experience about love. It is meeting more people that will give you the experience you need.

3. You become a golden fish

What do I mean by this, I simply refer to becoming someone a lot of people are looking for. When your lover realises that there are other people in your life aside him, he will fight for you, I tell you he will fight to obtain your attention and exclusivity at the end of the day. The same thing goes for the ladies. In this aspect, there will be no room for laxity because there is a greater chance to lose the one you love if you actually show an attitude of indifference.

There are a whole lots of benefits of dating multiple partners which are not limited to the above. The major aim here is to learn from others and gain that experience you will need in chosing your life partner as well as that which you will truly need in your future relationship and marital life.

7 Greatest Enemies of a new Relationship

As a life and love coach, noticing a lot of cases about failing relationships breaks my heart, it could be so painful especially if you tried all your best to invest into the relationship. Love is not a common play although it is a natural and free element. Not being a casual play or friendship implies it has its own principles which should be adequately followed. As a natural and free element, love occurs when you least expected it. You can actually find it when and where you are not looking for it.

Relationships are engagements you succumb to due to mutual attraction and because they are vital in choosing one’s life partner, so I do not advice those that are in relationships to take it as if they were dating. Dating is when you are faced with multiple members of the opposite sex trying to get your intention and you can choose among the multiple. Relationships on the other hand is not like that because you are ascertained of who you want to choose as a life partner and you are ready to be exclusive with that person.

Now I am going to give seven most prevalent factors that kills a new relationship that have just starting building its foundation. It is the ignorance of these facts that makes a lot of contemporary relationships suffer and crumble immediately or sooner after taking of. Thence, most people will start thinking of being affected by some ill-fate and not destined to find true love.

1. Lack of Trust

It is not LOVE that is the most important thing in a relationship but trust, that is why you find lots of couples who really loved each other breaking up. Love is just the foundation on which all other things builds up on. Trust is the most essential thing needed in a relationship because that is the first solution in the case of conflict and misunderstandings. Couples who have sufficient element of trust in each other do not suspect unjustifiably, they do not just take whatever others say about their partners without verifying it and they always aim to cooperate with their lovers to achieve their goals, this is the evidence of intimacy coupled with true love. As a trusted lover, you can be assured that your partner truly loves you because it is the greatest need of most relationships and also the hardest to give out in contemporary times. Trust is really lacking in today’s relationships.

So today make sure you start developing some elements of trust in your partner and your relationship. Believe it can work.

2. Pride

Pride usually comes on both sides; the guy assuming that as the prospective head, he needs to act as the boss and need not be submissive in any way to his girlfriend. Such guys face a lots of conflicts with their girlfriends due to the failure to apologize when they are wrong. Girls are not left out here, most see themselves as so beautiful, thus they tend to be harsh and insolent to their boyfriends, they believe they are every guys’ dream. Guys are so much irritated by this lifestyle, of course no one likes it, hence such girls tend to lose their relationships and all the fortunes that would have come with it. Girls should flirt without looking harsh and mannerless. Remember guys value your respect more than your love.

3. Financial Burdens

A lot of ladies see their boyfriends as their ATM machine, their mines or bank account meaning they can obtain any amount of money they want for them and at anytime. They believe they are entitled to this right as a girlfriend. This is one of the greatest destroyers of new relationships. Never start out your relationship asking your guy for money or for any financial aid, it makes you look immatured and he might think that you are only interested in him because of his money. Actually, it is not bad for your boyfriend to assist you but do not demand for it so early when you both are not really committed to each other and also do not over-ask, it kills your love relationship.

4. Third-parties

When I say third-parties, I refer to friends, family, colleagues, peers and acquaintances. Although some of these people might mean well in your relationship but let me tell you there are some that will be jealous of your new fortune. Asking these people for advice when you have issues with your partner or letting them make intimate decisions for you is a huge disaster. Just as in marriage, to avoid undesirable occurrences try to let out third-parties out in your relationship decision making process as much as possible, only let those you are certain will provide positive impacts in your relationship participate in this.

5. Jealousy

Jealousy is like a cancer to budding relationships. It is manifested in lots of ways but the most prominent way is when you become too clingy and try to consume all of your partner’s time and attention. A lot of individuals feel that their partners should always be with them, they feel bad whenever they go out with friends and have some nice time-outs without them. Being in a relationship does not mean that you own your partner, he or she is still a free human being and does not need to be subjected to unwanted and unrealistic expectations.

As much as possible, individuals should try adapting to the fact that even if your lover hugs, pecks or caress another member of the opposite sex, it means nothing as long as it is not from the heart. This attitude will really help a lot of people as numerous problems incurred in relationships of contemporary times is that of jealousy.

6. Cheating

Still having affairs when you are in a committed relationship is a prominent case in the society. A lot of people find it hard sticking to only one person and this creates a lot of issues. There is no one that will discover you have another partner behind them and be totally happy with you even if that is the same thing he or she is doing. I know it is not easy to resist the temptation from other admirable individuals but there should be this limitation when it comes to relating with other persons other than your partner. Friends should never be treated in the same zone as your lover.

7. Negligence

Negligence is when you are indifferent towards your partner’s joy, sufferings, life and issues. Portraying this character entails that you do not truly love the person. A person who truly loves will always ask about the wellbeing of the object of his love, he will demand to know of everything going on in the life of his lover, not out of a jealous intention but out of a pure interest.

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To help you get started, here are a few questions:

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