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How I Handled Bullying in School

Bullying is a situation where someone makes several attempts to make you feel uncomfortable, punishes you unnecessarily or shows an inappropriate display of power over you. Bullying occurs everywhere but is mostly dominant in school especially high schools. Colleges are also involved in some forms of bullying also. I encountered some forms of bullying in school but with these skills I have, I was able to stand up to it.

Bullies are usually persons who feel others are better than them, so they want to make them feel bad in order to possess self gratification. Others bully others because they are superior in authority or more powerful than those they are bullying. I encountered these people while in high schools but I was able to overcome them through the knowledge I want to share with you now. While in high school I was among the youngest students in most of my classes and also kind of quiet, these gave some students the reason to attempt taking advantage of me. I was easily preyed on in my first year because I was still timid and had not yet developed the adequate skills I needed to stand up to oppressing situations.

In my high school days, I experienced the following forms of bullying;

  • Being punished by senior students for no offence, often these were prolonged punishments, at other times corporal.
  • Being hit, slapped and pushed by some students who were older and stronger than me.
  • Being accused of doing a wrong or the other when I actually did none.
  • Having my locked locker broken and kept open.
  • Being pushed to engage in fights out of repetitive bullying.
  • There was a time most of my classmates did not talk to me and I was ever lonely and depressed.
  • Being called abusive names, among others.

More forms of bullies occur in school, the ones I listed are just what I experienced. Teachers can also be bullies at times, not all but some. A teacher who is a racist or punishes his students for insignificant offences is also a bully. I can still remember one of the teachers in the school I attended who asked a student to frog jump (a kind of military punishment) multiple times for going to the restroom without permission.

Knowing the different ways to stand up to bullies is therefore essential to prevent further bullies in school and other places. After my first year in high school where I was so timid and easily prone to emotions, bullies never really had their ways in my life and this is how I achieved it. I am going to tell you how I achieved that.


This is the first and the basic tool you use against bullies. As you well know most of those who are bullied in school are always the timid, weak and emotional students, others therefore use these weaknesses to take advantage of them. You would never see an emotionally strong and highly confident student being bullied, even if some people attempt to try this, it will have no effect on such a person. With a high self-esteem you can ward off bullies because their main target are students who are not physically and emotionally strong.

When confronted by bullies, I maintained a steady status, I did not shake or act as if what they did had effects on me. You could imagine how I responded to their various harassing questions with morale, it was even this morale of mine that scared them away. They felt I would revenge if they should ever take advantage of me again. This is the major attribute you need, if you do not have, try developing it.

Avoiding Extreme Silence

Silence I know is a character of some students, that is just their lifestyle. They are reserved and do not talk too much. This in itself is not bad but when it is extreme, it could cause bullies to be attracted to you. Despite the fact that some extremely quiet persons are likewise extremely wicked especially when pushed to the wall, bullies see students who are so quiet as powerless hence the derive joy in causing them pains.

I was once a quiet person but seeing that being quiet in some situations will not help I decided to be outspoken. On oppression, I spoke out and challenged those who attempted such and also reported some bullies to my teachers and other volunteer students who subsequently confronted my bullies and made them stay away from me. So you need to be outspoken, only be quiet when you need to.

Being Sociable and Kind

Another measure to use and ward off bullies in school is by being kind and polite. These attitudes can help you a lot, there are lots of people I know who have been saved from dangerous situations just because they were kind to someone some times ago or even in the present.

This story I once heard of how a young girl was kidnapped by some highway kidnappers and taken to their den, the location where these kidnappers based to see their master. From there she was to be gang raped and murdered, as that was the usual thing whenever such beautiful ladies are kidnapped. This lady lost all hope because physically, there was no escape for her. She knew she would be raped and murdered but upon meeting the gangster who headed these kidnappers, a remarkable thing happened. Immediately this gangster saw her, he was surprised and inquired what she was doing there. The heartless gangster immediately ordered his men to release her. The kidnappers who had taken her to be raped and murdered were extremely surprised because that has never happened, their master had never called for the release of any victim so suddenly because their duty was to rob and kill their victims. The gangster let his subjects know that the reason he asked this girl to be released was because he can still remember many years back where she bought a plate of food for him and a drink upon approaching her to help him that he was hungry, then he was a street child, abandoned and left to fight for survival on the street. He would never forget the help she rendered him when most people he begged from insulted him and left without rendering a helping hand. His reason caused the other kidnappers to weep and this was how she was taken back to her car and hence she safely went off to her destination.

That is one of the various stories where a little act of kindness saved many from death and other fateful circumstances. This is likewise helpful in school, if you are a student and you are friendly with lots of people, helping them in any way you can whether financially if you are a rich child or academically if you are an intelligent type. It will happen that most of these people you help are those who will stand up for you in the face of oppression and some others are bullies who will never think of troubling you especially when they remember the good you had done or have been doing for them.

So in conclusion, I would say that the only ways you can prevent oppression and bullying in school is by being:

  • Bold and courageous
  • Having good character
  • Not acting indifferent upon harassment at times.

Unique Dress Styles to Sew this Christmas for Ladies

The season of Christmas is here again, a time we wear new clothes. I hope this season we would be looking for amazing styles to sew and wear. Below are beautiful styles that would make you look unique and sparkle with beauty this Xmas. You may prefer to go with any of these colours; red, white/silver, green or gold that signifies the season.

Great Lessons to Learn from These Betrayal Stories

Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of people betrayed by the individuals they so much trusted and shared their inner life with, those individuals they called besties, relatives or colleagues. Most of these things occurred to my close friends, cousins and colleagues so I choose to share three of them with you so you could learn from their mistakes and prevent such from happening to you.

The first story is about a lady who had a wealthy Naval officer as a fiance but was betrayed by the very female best friend she trusted so much. This lady saw her best friend as someone she could share all the intimate details of her romance with including how her lover was treating her with great love. She would talk about how her prospective husband invested a million each on her education, accommodation and personal wellbeing. She thought she had a good trustee until one day when the friend who has always pretended to be truly happy for her fortune created the greatest shock of her life.

She had no airtime in her phone to call her fiance, so she decided to use her bestie’s phone. After that she didn’t suspect anything to delete the number from the phone or block it so her fiance would never have contact with her bestie through the phone number. Leaving it like that, this supposed best friend later called back her friend’s fiance and painted her black to him in the most unsuspecting manner that he never suspected it was all a made-up story out of jealousy. She said miserable things about her best friend to the fiance that immediately made this man see the lady he once pictured an angel as a demon. Imagine one saying that both worked up a charm to gain his love, that it’s not a natural love and scary stuffs like that. This way, the love of this man for his future bride faded away permanently. He had nothing to do with his fiancee again. The victim here being the lady was so heartbroken when she discovered that the cause of her pains was the very person she saw as a sister, best friend and everything.

Lessons to Learn

You should not trust people with information about your dating life especially if you are in a committed relationship or about marrying a person you love. Remember your happiness might be a source of envy and all sort of evil plots for another person even the one you call your best friend. I’ll advice you to be able to love such close friends with all your heart but never trust them, you do not know what is cooking up in their hearts. Only God knows. The only people you should trust are those who fought selflessly for you to be where you are today in life or to have whatever you have today, be it wealth or a good partner. Anyone aside this should be kept at the appropriate distance in terms of sharing privileged information about your joys and challenges.

The second story is about a girl who poisoned her cousin out of jealousy. The poisoned girl was the only daughter of wealthy parents. They possessed all they wanted in life in excess that they brought in the cousin of their daughter who came from a middle class family to live with them just to help her. This girl was treated in the most loving way like their own daughter yet she harboured jealousy in her heart for her cousin. One day, the day the unsuspecting daughter of this wealthy parents celebrated her birthday she was showered with lots of gifts from her parents and friends but the most outstanding gift was an iPhone her lover gave to her. This greatly aroused the jealousy in her cousin brought in to live with them that she poisoned her food which she unknowingly ate and died later in the hospital. The suspect confessed to the crime during police investigation.

Lessons to Learn

Beware of who you bring into your home. Don’t say it’s my cousin, bestie or whatsoever you could name. An evil person is an evil person no matter the connection you have with him or the great help you offer him.

It is said that without an enemy within, an enemy without cannot hurt you. What this implies is that the person who is most liable to attack you is not a stranger but an insider in your life, someone close to you because he’s got all the required information about you. In some cases, he’s the one that will even help some stranger harm you.

The third and last story is about a man who had his younger brother killed by luring him to accompany him on a visit to his friend’s house. The deceased young man was more successful than his elder brother who was his senior with five years. This made his brother grew jealous of him which led to envy. Soon he started figuring out ways to eliminate him. He actually arrived at a plan which went thus: he told his brother that there was a sick friend of his who he wanted taking foodstuffs to as he couldn’t go out to buy them. He pleaded with the brother to go along with him as where his friend lived was not too save for one person to go alone. This young man’s instinct actually warned him not to go with his brother, he was so much disturbed that he declined but after much persuasion from his elder brother, he decided to accompany him. Unknown to him, the elder brother had hired people to assassinate him along the way to the supposed friend’s house. Few distance to the said destination, he was abducted along with his brother but later killed by the abductors while his elder brother was freed. The true secret behind this plot was revealed by one of the abductors who shared it to his friend, causing the story to leak.

Lessons to Learn

Always listen to your instincts. This can save you from a whole lot of disasters and untimely death. Do not let the persistent persuasion of someone else make you do what you did not want to do. I also want to let you know that it is not only friends that you should be beware of, beware also of some close relatives who are jealous of you. They can do the same thing an enemy would have done. A fake friend or evil relative can do more harm than five enemies.

Another caution to note is that you should not follow people to unknown destinations no matter who it is, be it your friend, lover or colleague nor go out when you never wanted to go out. I’ve heard of a lot of people who tricked their relatives, friends or colleagues to go out and these persons went out and met their untimely death.

Generally, it is good to know that most people today are good at pretending. It is therefore required of you to keep close watch at people and hence your distance from anyone your spirit does not approve of or who has shown one suspicious character or the other. Never you wait until harm is done before you take the necessary actions for your safety or the safety of your loved ones, remember it might be too late.

How to Date Today so it doesn’t Affect your Marriage in the Future

A lot of marriages today are being haunted by ex-dates and former lovers, marriages that are really blessed and fulfilled but all of a sudden an ex you thought was completely out of your life comes in. This issue is currently affecting a lot of married people and for some there’s absolutely nothing to be done to undo the harm these exs create. Now what can you do? This is really for single guys and ladies who are still building their lives. Married people can as well learn from this too.

While you are still young you feel you can do anything you want to do as well as date, sex and break up with anyone you wish to as you feel it is your life and you can do anything you want. This belief where you feel it’s your life and you can absolutely do anything isn’t all wrong but the fact lies in knowing that all things we do come with consequences. In this case, the consequences always come in the future where you might have forgotten about everything you did in the past, thinking they will never come up against you later on in your life.

There are a lot of cautions you should take note on while going about your dating life so you don’t gather up regrets in your future. This is not meant to restrict your freedom but to save you from the many challenges most marriages are suffering from when past deeds are actually revisited by those they thought were completely out of their lives.

1. Avoid casual dates that are jealous and seek exclusivity too soon.

If you are a type that dates pretty often, go out with different people on casual dates, you will discover that some of those partners are jealous of you going out with other people although you guys are just dating, not in a relationship. They want to win you all to themselves and if they can’t directly, try using tricks to make you break up with your other dates even those investing much into your life to be with them exclusively.  Such dates are actually one of the most dangerous set of people to date.

The issue lies in the fact that if you later leave them and get exclusive with someone else or perhaps marry another person, they might not respect your right of choice but come after you to create challenges and tears for you and your new partner. This might either be to get you back to themselves or simply just to hurt you for leaving them.

What is the point here? I just want to tell you single young girls and guys experimenting with the dating world to carefully select your partners. Be quick to do away with anyone that is jealous and attempts coaxing you to leave all your current beneficial relationships for exclusivity too soon. The danger with this type of person is that he might lure you into sexting or something similar and later on when you have found the partner of your dreams, he resurfaces with whatever claims and proofs he has against you. This has led to the fall of many promising relationships and marriages.

2. Avoid the temptation of promising a date marriage when you are not certain of marrying the person.

A good number of persons do make this deadly mistake. I call it deadly because it can cost you your life or future happiness depending on the kind of person you made this deal with. You just found a partner, the love chemistry is high, you feel as if all is perfect and you would spend the rest of your life together with this person, at the point of ‘will you marry me?’ you jump to the reply ‘yes’. You enter into this deal not considering that your likes for this person might change later on and you cannot continue being in the relationship any longer. If this occurs you need to know that some people will not let you be. Some may give up on the person they love and lost but I know that some others will still persist either to get back the person or make the person separate from the current partner, just because you promised but later failed them. They’ll make sure you pay for that, so don’t create problems for yourself through any promise you are not totally sure of keeping.

What we often find in movies of how men and women come to claim their former partners are not just movie stories but actually occur in reality. They have become rampant in the society today because a lot of people make promises they know they would not keep just to please, out of fear or based on illusions which they later decline once they are cured of them. If you are not sure that you are gonna marry a particular date in the future, do not say ‘yes’,  remember this single act can cost you a whole lot in the future. It is a steady proof against you in the future, when you actually don’t act according to your words. It is better to say ‘no’ and hurt the person today than live in pains tomorrow because of a single ‘yes’ you said. Better still you can even work up a better excuse that would not hurt your date, you could say ‘I’m not in the capacity to tell if I’ll get married to you or not, let’s just see how things turn up.’ Another preferable answer could be, ‘That’s later things bby. Let’s save that for the future which it is.’

3. Desist from sharing your sexual history with current dates or friends.

You well know a lot of people will get hurt when they discover the person they so much love and adore slept with many people in the past. They feel jealous and angry. It is only a few who learn to keep whatever their current partners did in the past as history and not let them hinder the happiness in their current relationship. No matter the great understanding your partner has for you, there are certain things you just don’t want him to know which if discovered will create issues for you. This is where privacy comes to play.

Keeping your sexual escapades from the knowledge of people even those closest to you can save you a lot, I mean a whole lot. You share your story with your best friend today, you never can tell if that best friend would turn a jealous friend tomorrow or the worst enemy of your life who would use all privileged information known about you while friends against you later on. We never can tell, so the best thing to do is to shut up, ‘Shhhhhh.’ Always learn to keep things that are meant to be confidential ‘confidential’.

4. Staying away from a narcissist

Narcissistic high conflict personality is a personality disorder that seems to affect some people. A narcissist claims and acts superior to others around. At first this person could be extremely charming and amiable but will later act dangerous. I included this type of individuals here because due to their outwardly adorable attitude you could easily fall in love with them not knowing the dangers that lies ahead of dating such a person.

They could go to the extreme to revenge if they feel you hurt them and broke up with them. You never can tell, anything can happen and you be separated from this person at anytime. As this person feels all others are inferior, you would surely be the ‘Target of Blame’ for whatever occurred between the two of you. You are most likely to regret if you date a narcissist.

So if you need peace in your life, all you need to do is to keep your distance from a narcissist. You would know a narcissist by the superior attitude placed on self towards other, the love to humiliate others and lack of sympathy or conscience, the constant demand for respect and attention. If you pay close attention, you will discover the true character of a person, same with one who is a narcissist. I need to place a word of caution here; do not create a public rejection of a narcissist, such could be disastrous. You need to reject entering into a relationship with such a person in a firm but cordial way. Do not act in a manner that will create embarrassment for the person either in public, midst of friends or in the private, you are sure to receive a retaliation for this action.

Those are the tips to follow while dating today so you don’t regret in the future perhaps in your marriage. The types of people mentioned above should be avoided not because you discriminate against them, NO! It is absolutely for your peace of mind both now and in the future.

In living out your life, you need to consider your interests first and just don’t do things to please others, things that will eventually make you hurt later on in life when you should be enjoying.

How Women can Detect Men that are Hiding their Real Character in a Relationship

It is a prominent phenomenon now that a lot of men are said to pretend, hiding their real character when they are in a relationship so as to make the ladies they are dating accept them as husbands upon proposal or either to obtain more trust from their partners in the case of scammers. At the end of all these where their purpose is achieved these men throw away their fake clothings and showcase their true characters which most of the times is irritable and unbearable for their partners. At this stage, a good number of the women concerned here can actually do nothing against this especially when marriage have been consummated.

This attitude is becoming more and more prominent in contemporary times and more complaints from women that have ever been received are recorded on daily basis. You hear of ladies complaining about physical and emotional abuses from their husbands who once proved to be a sweet, loving and caring boyfriend. A lot of people see this as a modern method of gender discrimination and slavery, which it is actually.

I have friends and family members who complain of this same inhumane and deceptive act on the part of men with no true conscience. This actually reveals that love was absent in the relationship no matter what these men did to show they loved. You can never pretend before someone you truly love, you will always be your true self because love does not hides from the one he loves.

The tips that will follow will surely help ladies to identify the man that is hiding something from them, I’m actually referring to the true character here.

Knowing the lion in sheep clothing early in a relationship will save you as a lady from most undesirable consequences.

1. His words are always sugar coated.

Beware, not all that glitters is gold. It is a common characteristics of love scammers to say sweet and enticing words most of the times. Even when you annoy him, he seems not to be angry. You tell him ‘sorry’ voluntarily for the wrong you did and instead of him accepting it, he says you should not worry, you did nothing wrong when you yourself know you committed an offence.

These might just be his tactics to deceive you. A true lover although will be nice to you often do get annoyed at times when you do something wrong and will never fail to point out your mistakes to you although in a polite way.

Also, a true lover rather than always saying sweet words to you will demonstrate his love for you through his actions. As it is said, ‘Action speaks louder than words.’

2. He lives a secretive life.

This is one of the main attitudes of criminals not only in the love aspect but in the general sense.

Any guy who fails to talk about his source of wealth but keeps spending on you all the times or fails to introduce you to his family members and friends after a certain stage of commitment where this introduction is necessary is a possible scammer or has a bad intention towards you.

A guy who is head over heels in love might hide things from his parents and friends but wouldn’t keep any secret from you. It is a natural thing to be open with the one you truly love.

3. Your parents and a good number of your close loved ones do not like him.

It is a common fact that elderly people can see farther than we younger persons can see. There is a popular African proverb that says, ‘What an elderly person stands on the ground and sights, a younger person even if he climbs a tree won’t see it.’ This is true indeed as elders have insight from their various experiences in life.

I have heard of a lot of ladies whose fiances where rejected by their parents and close relatives and friends on account that these men wouldn’t be good for them only for the ladies to learn this sad fact after marriage when the original character unveils.

You should learn to consider other people’s opinions especially those that contains elements of truth in them. Some people can easily detect a pretender, it is their gift so you need to pay attention to their advice on this aspect.

Remember that when you are deeply in love with a person or should I say infatuated as it is in most cases, it is your heart that speaks and no longer your mind hence your thoughts and decisions under this circumstance becomes distorted. In this situation, it is very difficult to spot if your partner is playing a hypocrite in the relationship. You will also be unable to identify and act on the major red flags that manifests in the cause of the relationship.

4. Get information from previous and current friends.

If you are opportune to come in contact with your fiance’s ex or friends, please do well to inquire about him, you can choose to ask basic questions about him but in an unsuspecting way inorder to obtain the truth. Know that you should not believe all that your partner tells you, there might be some elements of lies especially if he is a hypocrite or has a bad record.

His friends and relatives know much more about him than you, hence make good use of this information source. Note that the information you obtain here is also subject to verification before acting on them.

5. Do not neglect the power and wisdom in prayers

All of the above tips are human tips and are not 100% effective like prayer. A lot of people think they can do it all alone but I tell you it’s not possible. Whatever action you take and exclude God especially if intentionally is bound to fail.

While trying your best to find the good person for you, you can ask God to aid you know who is pretending and who has genuine interest in you. He will surely do this for you, I assure you of this.

Cultivate the habit of praying for your relationship and prospective marriage, including your partner and you.

The above measures listed are only part of the many ways ladies can employ to checkmate the frequent cases of lies and deceits they are encountering from men.

Please do not fail to like, comment and follow if this topic has truly been useful to you.

3 Practical Ways to Stop your Partner from Cheating on you again

Your partner cheating on you can be a very painful experience especially when you are in a serious relationship. It is hard to totally bear it when you are faithful and you never want to lose your love to another person. However cheating has become more common in present times especially with the concept of modern dating which dictates you can have many partners.

Cheating are manifested in the following ways;

  • Having multiple partners after promising to be exclusive with one.
  • Having casual sex.
  • Professing to be single when you are already in a relationship.
  • In some cases, it might involve emotional attachment with another member of the opposite sex.

Most couples due to this formidable trend are ever worried of how to stop their cheating partners. Here are a few valuable tips that will help you and give you a testimony at the end of the day.

1. Strive to be better than all of those your partner is cheating with

I know all fingers are not equal and can never be equal. In this tip, I’m not saying you should engage in senseless competitions with others just to keep your partner, it implies you try to be the best you can be. You can actually make your cheating partner return fully to you if you try to make yourself sufficient in all the major needs of a relationship, especially the psychological needs.

2. Pretend to start having interest in other members of the opposite sex too

I bet you people will only love themselves to cheat, they don’t like same being done on them. If you flirt with other members of the opposite sex, your partner might likely get jealous and question why you did that, simply tell him or her, ‘ Its because you are doing same.’ Let it be known that if the cheating doesn’t stops, you won’t stop yours also. This simple step might bring everything to normal.

3. Threaten to break up if the cheating continues

If your partner really loves you, once you do this, there is likely to be a change because he or she doesn’t wants to lose you. If you see a partner that cares not about this threat, its possible no love exists for you at heart or other partners are more prioritized than you that’s why there is no fear of losing you.

Can men experience pregnancy symptoms

Surprised to hear that men also go through the symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes, I think but actually this is true.

Expectant dads do experience symptoms of pregnancy too, not only moms as most think. Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy according to statistics is found to affect about 80 to 90 percent of expectant dads. Couvade syndrome is derived from the French word couver meaning to hatch.

This condition comes with both physical and emotional symptoms, as proven by science and testified by most expectant dads. This is not a new thing at all but it became more common in the past 30 years. However it is a fact that remains unknown to some individuals.

The actual causes of this condition are strong feelings of stress and sympathy. The stress occurs from thinking about the wellbeing of their partner and the unborn baby in the womb. Financial anxieties and the thought of becoming a new dad can also constitute great stress. As these goes on, sympathy for their expectant partner is liable to add up, this bring forth these symptoms except if they are controlled in healthy ways.

One might wonder, how does this comes about? The body of the man reacts by releasing these combined hormones; cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones when combined with empathy for the pregnancy symptoms their partners are suffering evolves in this.

Typical Symptoms of Couvade Syndrome


Mood swings

Weight gain


Mild swelling

Food cravings



Treatment for Sympathetic Pregnancy

Eating adequate diets

Regular exercise

Adopting stress relief techniques before night sleep

Both partners can attempt some activities together, it reduces mental stress and anxiety.

How Addicted Sex is Destroying many Relationships and Marriages

Sex is a very recreative component of marriages and many relationships. It is a great pleasure for most people but do you know this same instrument of pleasure can actually destroy your marriage or relationship. Are you shocked to hear this?

This actually comes in two ways.

Before going further, I would love to inform you about the type of sex I am talking about. I am referring to addicted or excessive sex. This entails having sex over-frequently with your partner.

A lot of marriages and relationships cannot last as it should because the male partner always demand for sex more frequently from his wife or girlfriend. A lot of women I have come across said they had a separation with their partners because they can no longer cope with excessive sex demands. Aside this, do you know too much of sex is not good for the health, first is the stress and energy consumption, second the loss of blood.

The second reason why frequent sex could spoil your partnership is attached to the cliche ‘Familiarity brings contempt’. Whenever you let your husband or boyfriend have his way through you everytime, you diminish that sexual attraction he has for you. Soon he will grow tired of you and begin sleeping outside with other women who look new to him. Once this happens, you are losing your partner by installment, that means your relationship is dying slowly.

How can you evade this contemporary calamity?

The men should learn to control their urge some of the times, it does not necessarily mean you need to have sex each time you feel horny. On the other hand, women should not give it to their husbands and boyfriends all the time, let him value this asset of yours. He will surely value this if you do not yield to all his advances. A word of caution, do not do this regularly, that might result in more problems. This way, your husband or boyfriend will thus value you and not see you as a sexual object only but also as a companion.

So avoid too much of sex to save your marriage or relationship. Too much of everything is not good.

Contemporary Technological Inventions of 2021

There are lots of inventions over the years but the ones here are the latest that will capture your attention. These have been created by advanced scientists and technologists who aim to solve the problems of humanity. In this post, you will learn about the features and functions of these modern technological inventions.

1. Copy & Paste

This is a smart scanning and printing tool aimed to aid you in the performance of your business with great confidence. This tool works by transferring the images and texts from one source to another in a fast manner. Another use is printing whatever you have to print directly into your notebook, no need for an additional paper.

2. FLYTE Levitating Light Bulb

This bulb hovers by magnetic levitation and it takes air to power it. Designed in Sweden, it is has a very notable feature which is its build quality. Oak, ash and walnut are the substances it is made of. This bulb makes use of highly efficient LEDS which is rated around 50,000 hours. This is equivalent to 12 hours of usage a day for 11 years.

3. SkinCeuticals Unique Skin Care

Are you a fashionist or one who loves looking attractive? Then is for you. Before you think of using this product, first visit a SkinCeutical expert dermatologist to identify your skin concerns such as aging, discolored, oily or dry. This will then create a custom skin formula for you.

2,000 algorithms are being used here for the processing of personal data before the design of a fully personalized formula is made. Ingredients include retinol, glycolic acid and niacinamide among others.

4. Valve Index

Here is a new development for players who love VR gaming. It is intact the best VR experience you can probably get currently. The tool here requires a room setup with cables, that is a little challenge for some people. Another factor which gonna make not considered is its price, it is valued at $999.

The Valve Index has dual 1440×1600 LCDs with up to 144Hz frame rate, stereo 960×960 global-shutter cameras and a dual-microphone array.

5. Starkey Livio AI- Advanced Hearing Aid

This is a super unique hearing aid. It connects via Bluetooth to accessories and some set of smartphones. This hearing aid sport compact design and fit into the ears comfortably.

Sound quality is being delivered by this hearing aid by getting background noise suppressed. A long battery life is assured also here.

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