Why Multi-dating can be considered as the best option before being Exclusive with your Partner

Being exclusive with a person means having no other love partner apart from that person. This case is quite opposed by some relationship enthusiasts but I have a different opinion here. The fact that you are seeing the man or the woman of your dreams does not necessarily means you should stop associating with others. No, it is wrong and will leave you with little or no experience about what the school of love is really about. This lesson is greatly needed in the future and also in marriage. I would like to awaken your mindset to the dangers of not being intimate, not implying of an affair here, with members of the opposite sex but rather choosing to stick to one person.

Although it is wise to cut a lots of ties with some individuals when you are in a serious relationship with someone and about getting married. The essence of this tip is for those who are dating and not yet sure of their future life partner. Multi-dating will surely help in many ways, it is now left on you to decide if you will keep it confidential from your other partners or just be honest with them and tell them. I would prefer you to be honest with them and tell them the truth of the matter, that you are not yet prepared to be committed to anyone until you have found the right person for you. This will prevent you from breaking someone’s heart who thought you were being exclusive.

1. Leverage playing ground

A lot of partners who are so faithful resolve never to keep any other individual apart from their current lovers, this is good to a certain point but there are cases this would not really work. In the case where you are committed to your partner alone and he is not feeling the same way towards you, you are heading for a huge disappointment, so seeing others too alongside him or her will balance everything and there will be no room for disappointment at the end of discovering this. Know that this should not be done out of a jealous mindset but with the pure aim of satisfying your own needs as a free individual. This way you get to make new connections and socialise well with a lot of people.

2. You become more experienced

Anyone who has the opportunity to meet and interact with more people has more knowledge and experience about a particular subject matter than one who chooses to be reserved. The same occurs in the dating field, any individual who dates a whole lot of people will learn a whole lot from these people and is in a better position to choose the right person for his life at last than someone who has been with one person or a few individuals all his life.

Relationships is a serious matter that needs a whole lot of experience. How will you feel getting married to the wrong person that will fill your life with so much unhappiness and regrets simply because you decided to stick to just that one person and never really desired to see the lifestyles of other people and choose the one that suits you best. Take time to enjoy your life, it is not quite fine to be exclusive at a stage when you are too young or have no experience about love. It is meeting more people that will give you the experience you need.

3. You become a golden fish

What do I mean by this, I simply refer to becoming someone a lot of people are looking for. When your lover realises that there are other people in your life aside him, he will fight for you, I tell you he will fight to obtain your attention and exclusivity at the end of the day. The same thing goes for the ladies. In this aspect, there will be no room for laxity because there is a greater chance to lose the one you love if you actually show an attitude of indifference.

There are a whole lots of benefits of dating multiple partners which are not limited to the above. The major aim here is to learn from others and gain that experience you will need in chosing your life partner as well as that which you will truly need in your future relationship and marital life.

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