Beautiful Niger Delta Girl Killed by her Soldier Boyfriend in her Apartment

So sad. A beautiful Nigerian girl from Niger Delta has been killed by her military lover. The decomposing body of Jennifer Ugadu, a Niger Delta University Student was found in her apartment. It was alleged that she was killed by her boyfriend, a Nigerian Army personnel on the grounds of cheating.

Before her death, Jennifer was a model and a 200L student of the Faculty of Education. Jay Matol, as he is named on facebook was believed to have stabbed her and also shot her with a gun. Multiple stab injuries and gunshot injuries were found on her body. Her thumb was almost cut off, it is believed this was a sign of struggle with her boyfriend.

The murderer after killing her was said to have called her mother and aunty, he threatened to kill himself also. Ooh, what a loss. This is a great lesson to ladies, ‘Know the person you date, your man can either be the source of your joy or the cause of your death. It all depends on the type of person you date. It is adviceable to leave the relationship once you start sensing red flags such as jealousy and threats from your partner’.

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