How Addicted Sex is Destroying many Relationships and Marriages

Sex is a very recreative component of marriages and many relationships. It is a great pleasure for most people but do you know this same instrument of pleasure can actually destroy your marriage or relationship. Are you shocked to hear this?

This actually comes in two ways.

Before going further, I would love to inform you about the type of sex I am talking about. I am referring to addicted or excessive sex. This entails having sex over-frequently with your partner.

A lot of marriages and relationships cannot last as it should because the male partner always demand for sex more frequently from his wife or girlfriend. A lot of women I have come across said they had a separation with their partners because they can no longer cope with excessive sex demands. Aside this, do you know too much of sex is not good for the health, first is the stress and energy consumption, second the loss of blood.

The second reason why frequent sex could spoil your partnership is attached to the cliche ‘Familiarity brings contempt’. Whenever you let your husband or boyfriend have his way through you everytime, you diminish that sexual attraction he has for you. Soon he will grow tired of you and begin sleeping outside with other women who look new to him. Once this happens, you are losing your partner by installment, that means your relationship is dying slowly.

How can you evade this contemporary calamity?

The men should learn to control their urge some of the times, it does not necessarily mean you need to have sex each time you feel horny. On the other hand, women should not give it to their husbands and boyfriends all the time, let him value this asset of yours. He will surely value this if you do not yield to all his advances. A word of caution, do not do this regularly, that might result in more problems. This way, your husband or boyfriend will thus value you and not see you as a sexual object only but also as a companion.

So avoid too much of sex to save your marriage or relationship. Too much of everything is not good.

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