Can men experience pregnancy symptoms

Surprised to hear that men also go through the symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes, I think but actually this is true.

Expectant dads do experience symptoms of pregnancy too, not only moms as most think. Couvade Syndrome or Sympathetic Pregnancy according to statistics is found to affect about 80 to 90 percent of expectant dads. Couvade syndrome is derived from the French word couver meaning to hatch.

This condition comes with both physical and emotional symptoms, as proven by science and testified by most expectant dads. This is not a new thing at all but it became more common in the past 30 years. However it is a fact that remains unknown to some individuals.

The actual causes of this condition are strong feelings of stress and sympathy. The stress occurs from thinking about the wellbeing of their partner and the unborn baby in the womb. Financial anxieties and the thought of becoming a new dad can also constitute great stress. As these goes on, sympathy for their expectant partner is liable to add up, this bring forth these symptoms except if they are controlled in healthy ways.

One might wonder, how does this comes about? The body of the man reacts by releasing these combined hormones; cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones when combined with empathy for the pregnancy symptoms their partners are suffering evolves in this.

Typical Symptoms of Couvade Syndrome


Mood swings

Weight gain


Mild swelling

Food cravings



Treatment for Sympathetic Pregnancy

Eating adequate diets

Regular exercise

Adopting stress relief techniques before night sleep

Both partners can attempt some activities together, it reduces mental stress and anxiety.

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