3 Practical Ways to Stop your Partner from Cheating on you again

Your partner cheating on you can be a very painful experience especially when you are in a serious relationship. It is hard to totally bear it when you are faithful and you never want to lose your love to another person. However cheating has become more common in present times especially with the concept of modern dating which dictates you can have many partners.

Cheating are manifested in the following ways;

  • Having multiple partners after promising to be exclusive with one.
  • Having casual sex.
  • Professing to be single when you are already in a relationship.
  • In some cases, it might involve emotional attachment with another member of the opposite sex.

Most couples due to this formidable trend are ever worried of how to stop their cheating partners. Here are a few valuable tips that will help you and give you a testimony at the end of the day.

1. Strive to be better than all of those your partner is cheating with

I know all fingers are not equal and can never be equal. In this tip, I’m not saying you should engage in senseless competitions with others just to keep your partner, it implies you try to be the best you can be. You can actually make your cheating partner return fully to you if you try to make yourself sufficient in all the major needs of a relationship, especially the psychological needs.

2. Pretend to start having interest in other members of the opposite sex too

I bet you people will only love themselves to cheat, they don’t like same being done on them. If you flirt with other members of the opposite sex, your partner might likely get jealous and question why you did that, simply tell him or her, ‘ Its because you are doing same.’ Let it be known that if the cheating doesn’t stops, you won’t stop yours also. This simple step might bring everything to normal.

3. Threaten to break up if the cheating continues

If your partner really loves you, once you do this, there is likely to be a change because he or she doesn’t wants to lose you. If you see a partner that cares not about this threat, its possible no love exists for you at heart or other partners are more prioritized than you that’s why there is no fear of losing you.

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